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OPM Master Data Loader

For many companies, going from an initial product idea to market introduction remains a long process. Then there are the changes to existing products, involving constant change and multiple teams. The good news is that companies can streamline – and even accelerate – their product development and product improvement processes.

Typically, users will Create, Update and delete both formulas and recipes but this is a slow process in EBS as formulas contain Products, By-Products and Ingredients and Recipes with plant/laboratory information, customers, steps and validity rules. Then of course there are OPM Routings and Process Operations to deal with too.

These need changing all the time and thus the loader can be used to handle all of this in one upload.

The OPM Master Data Loader contains the following features:

  • OPM Formulas: allows users to create, update and delete Products, By-Products and Ingredients & attachments.
  • OPM Recipe: Create and update Plant/Laboratory, Customer, Step Quantity, Validity Rules and Step/Material Associations & attachments.
  • OPM Process Operations: Create, update and delete operation activities and the activity resources.
  • OPM Process Routing: Create, update and delete Oracle Process Manufacturing Routings.
  • Also add, update and delete Routing Steps and Step Dependencies. Attachments are also supported.

The OPM Master Data Loader contains five templates:

  • Ingredients
  • Recipes and recipe attachments
  • Formulas and formula attachments
  • Process Operations
  • Routings and routing attachments

Each of these templates can load data on mass whilst creating, updating and deleting. Both of these templates can be accessed through one Excel workbook, providing a clean and central control station for Process Manufacturing management.

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“With new acquisitions this year, More4apps tool [Employee Wizard] has played a vital role in streamlining our HRMS processes. It has cut our time from hours to a few minutes when doing mass loads for conversions. It is simple, fast and a lifesaver… The benefits of this product and customer service are truly exceptional. They are always open to suggestions and development too. I highly recommend this application for any HRMS department." Roland Cons, Tetra Tech, Inc