General Ledger Wizard

General Ledger Wizard allows you to create actuals, encumbrances, budget journals in Oracle General Ledger using Excel. You can also create budget amounts.

Use Excel and all its classic functionalities to download your GL information as the basis for new journals or budget amounts, to make changes or simply analysis.

We offer more functionalities than WebADI such as working with multiple periods, categories and sources in a single sheet, loading attachments against Journal Headers…

With the General Ledger Wizard you can:

  • Download and upload actuals, encumbrances, budget journals
  • Load attachments against journal headers (Not possible with WebADI)
  • Download and upload budget amounts Just added!
  • NO Web ADI objects used
  • Submit and monitor the Journal Import Program from the wizard
  • Use your own SQL to customize your downloads



General Ledger Wizard

General Ledger Wizard allows you to create Actuals, Encumbrance and Budget Journals in Oracle General Ledger from Excel, via the GL Interface table.

Robust, Fast, Easy to Use, Flexible!

There is NO reliance on Web ADI objects, making installation and rollout very simple.  Use Excel to create multiple journals across different ledgers, periods, categories, sources and batches all in a single sheet.  Oracle function security is respected and additional checks for balanced journals can be achieved using optional control totals. You can download existing journals directly into the Wizard allowing for quick and easy journal creation based on previous data or for analysis purposes.


  • Easy to use and customize to your needs
  • Configures itself to your system set up
  • Minimal implementation effort
  • NO Web ADI objects used
  • Multiple periods, categories and sources in a single sheet
  • Reliable database connection
  • Download Journals or use your own SQL
  • Line DFF and Invoice Tax DFF Support


Feature Overview:

  • Based on Microsoft Excel
  • Control the entire process from the spreadsheet
  • Forms assist with data entry validation and error correction
  • Two way interface between Excel and Oracle
  • Correct and reload in minimal time
  • No requirement to use Oracle Application Forms!