PO Wizard

PO Wizard enables you to create, validate and upload Purchase Orders (Blanket or Standard) into Oracle Purchasing. Orders may be created by importing a file from another system or downloading orders from Oracle. You can then use spreadsheet functionality to create new orders or add lines to existing orders.

PO Wizard features the following:
  • Loads standard purchase orders or blanket purchase agreements
  • Enables the loading of attachments
  • Distributes to a general ledger account or project
  • Downloads existing orders from Oracle Purchasing
  • Ability to add lines to existing purchase orders or blanket purchase agreements
  • Able to modify existing lines in blanket purchase agreements
  • Validates then loads purchase orders into Oracle Purchasing, processing messages are returned to the spreadsheet
  • Cancel Existing PO Headers, Lines, Shipments and Blanket Releases
  • Create Complex Purchase Orders with lines and pay items that represent the required tracking and ability to control payment processing ( R12 only)
  • Create a sourcing rule in the spreadsheet out of item and document information the supplier sends.


New Functionality! Now PO AutoCreate is truly automated
Our new version of Purchase Order Wizard includes the new functionality ‘PO AutoCreate’.
Allow buyers to download open requisitions directly into an Excel spreadsheet, easily sort the data and create several purchase orders for multiple vendors. The purchase orders are then validated and uploaded into Oracle, reducing the amount of time it takes to create Purchase Orders from requisitions.


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