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Liberate yourself from cumbersome Oracle HTML Customer Master forms with their complex multi-layer layout and single-record restricted view. Instead, you can work with a multi-record view in a single glance spanning Parties, Customer Accounts, Sites or any section you wish to put together on your ever-friendly Excel spreadsheet interface. Your new Customer Wizard can be utilized for mass data conversion while setting up master data – OR on an ongoing basis to create, maintain or cleanse customer data.

The Customer Wizard has the following features:

  • Create new customers and sites
  • Download existing customers and sites for maintenance or as a basis to create new ones
  • Create and manage sites across Operating units using a multi-org responsibility
  • Create and share multiple templates (or layouts) of customer data columns targeted for different user groups for specific purposes
  • Operate on Customer Account or Party level seamlessly managing Relationships and other information at either level in the same spreadsheet
  • Assign bank accounts, add credit cards and direct-debit arrangements easily

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