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Bill of Materials Wizard

A bill of material is equivalent to a list of ingredients to bake a cake.  It’s the bits and pieces used to make something.  Within a bill of materials, you can have other bills of materials, so the process of maintaining all relevant BOMs can become quite complex.

Are you having to swap out components on BOMs on a regular basis, or are you required to introduce new products often?  Or is your organization trapped into using a separate engineering system and needing a way to bring BOM Changes into Oracle on a regular basis?

This product is perfect for your BOM creation and maintenance, especially useful when you work with independent engineering systems.

The Bill of Materials Wizard has the following features:

  • Create and update Manufacturing Bills of Materials
  • Load and maintain eAM Assets and Activity Bills of Materials
  • Create alternative and common bill of materials
  • Load attachments
  • Update components details
  • Load reference designators
  • Load substitute components
  • Load assigned operations
  • Assign delete groups
  • Download bill of materials; modify and upload back to Oracle
  • Downloads and explodes bill of materials
  • Perform ‘Where Used’ queries
  • Review assembly and component costing information
  • Perform Bom Cost rollups

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