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Project Wizard

When you need to create and update large numbers of projects and tasks –  during a conversion or regular upload of new information – More4apps Project Wizard can help. It is particularly useful for any business unit that must track and bill out various resources and is also in wide use by organizations using Oracle Projects to handle acquisitions or mergers.

The Project Wizard has the following features:

  • Create or update project information including: project header, classifications, tasks, key members, transaction controls, sub-projects, bill rate overrides, project assets and asset assignments.
  • Ability to make use of project templates, reducing data-entry
  • Ability to select financial or workplan structures
  • Download existing projects, modify and load as updates or new projects
  • Validation is performed prior to loading into Oracle, ensuring the accuracy of the information
  • Processing messages are returned to the spreadsheet

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Product Screenshot More4apps Project Wizard for Oracle E-Business Suite