AR Invoice API Wizard

The AR Invoice API Wizard acts as a power tool for your Finance/ Accounting teams to cope with end-of-the-month transaction volumes. Enter your invoices, debit memos, credit memos and all Receivables commitments from one user-friendly excel spreadsheet.

You can choose to use Excel to download existing transactions and create new invoices and credit memos from this data, or enter validated information directly into Excel, or copy over from any peripheral billing system extracts directly into Excel. Transactions are created in real-time with no requirement to use the Receivables AutoInvoice interface.

AR Invoice API Wizard features the following:

  • Create AR Invoices and AR Credit Memos from Excel with full feedback provided
  • Enables entering invoices, debit memos, on-account or applied credit memos, chargebacks all from one excel sheet and a single upload function
  • Supports batch mode of AR Transactions
  • Enables the loading of attachments
  • Downloads existing invoice information from Oracle Receivables
  • Pre-validates information before loading into Oracle
  • Empowers your end-users to load transactions in bulk