HR Job and Position Loader

Do you regularly create new Jobs and Positions in Oracle Human Resources, or maintain these records frequently?
Does this take a lot more effort than it should? Is there a better way to enter this data?

More4Apps has now consolidated the HR Job Loader and HR Position loader to handle all this.

Users can now do the following:

  • Create, Update and Delete HR Jobs
  • Insert and modify Additional Job Details and Further Job Details
  • Create and Update Positions
  • Update Hiring Information and Work Terms
  • Enter and change Reporting To, Valid Grades and view Occupancy Details

All of this through utilizing Oracles supported API’s all from within Excel!

This process no longer needs to be stressful and tedious loading one record at a time. Using this new supported loader you can process 100’s of HR jobs and positions in a single load ensuring the data is valid and accurate in an easy to use Excel interface.

HR Job Template:


HR Position Template: