Special Information Wizard

Special Information Types are often used extensively within Oracle Human Resources to hold things like medical records, certifications, qualifications and so on. Maintaining this information within Oracle Human Resources can be a manual and time-consuming task.

More4Apps Special Information Wizard is designed to improve productivity, by providing an easy-to-use Excel interface to quickly load and maintain Special Information. The wizard automatically configures according to your special information types, displaying custom field names and lists of values.

Special Information Wizard features the following:

  • Information can be downloaded from Oracle, modified and re-loaded in minimal time
  • Populate information into the worksheet using the data-entry form or by importing a file
  • Fields and Lists of Values are displayed according to your Special Information Type definitions
  • Information is validated prior to loading, processing messages are displayed in the worksheet
  • Values can be defaulted to allow mass updates to be performed in seconds